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About EZ Keys Piano Studio

Candy Rushold has been teaching piano in Northern Colorado since 1987.

She was often frustrated for her students—witnessing their struggles as they tried to stay on track with the onerous chore of daily practice and the performance pressure imposed by exacting standards intrinsic to traditional piano methods. She recognized that the underlying cause of her students' frustration was the unnatural process by which they were trying to learn.

Then she learned of the Simply Music method, which employs intuitive learning. Just as it would be unnatural and frustrating for children to try to read and write before they learn to talk, it's unnatural for students to try to read music and understand theory before they learn to play. Candy reverses the traditional paradigm, making learning piano easy and fun.

Candy is delighted to introduce the Simply Music piano method and its proven benefits to the Northern Colorado community through EZ Keys Piano Studio.

She actively supports the work of Realities For Children, a local organization dedicated to serving the needs of abused and neglected children in Larimer County.